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Important information about Air Arabia

– It is a private UAE airline, its establishment dates back to February 2003 and its operation officially started on February 4, 2003 and is characterized by a low-cost system and hardly be the first economic airline established in the Middle East and Air Arabia is a member of the Arab Air Transport Association.

The main headquarters for Air Arabia:

Air Arabia takes Sharjah International Airport, the United Arab Emirates, as a base for its operations

The second primary center in Ras Al-Khaimah

Its third operations center in Casablanca

Its fourth operations center in Alexandria

The company travels with its passengers to destinations:

Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East

Entertainment services provided on Air Arabia:

– The Air Arabia program is fun on board, the approved and unique fun and joy for millions of passengers every year

The activities of this program are carried out on Air Arabia planes

– We encourage travelers with us to share their talents

– Youngsters are busy with activities of drawing on paper and drawing on the face, and if they win the competitions, they will be given certificates, signed by the flight captain and head of the navigation crew. We also have pilot-sized children’s clothing that children can wear and take pictures of

Baggage policy on Air Arabia:

The maximum allowable weight per piece of luggage is 32 kg with a total dimension of 160 cm (length) x width x depth

– In Air Arabia, you can only pay for the luggage you need and you can choose the weight of the checked baggage when you book or make an adjustment to your flight (20 kg, 30 kg, 40 kg) without specifying the number of pieces.

You can book in advance for the checked baggage allowed immediately via the Internet or by contacting one of our contact offices or by visiting one of the sales offices or one of our partners from the travel agents offices and save yourself up to 90% of the price of the luggage that is paid at the airport

– The only baggage weight available for purchase at the airport is 20 kg and any additional weight is subject to overweight charges

Class of travel on Air Arabia:

It is an airline with one travel class, which is Economy Class

Air Arabia has one aircraft, the Airbus A320

This is the best-selling type in the world and is standard for aircraft that have only one aisle

– Seats in this plane are equipped with world class amenities, and they are considered one of the widest seats in the economy class by 32 inches

Food and Drink on Air Arabia:

The ability to book meals in advance when making a ticket

Air Arabia serves an international menu for its guests, including light sandwiches and hot and cold meals at reasonable prices. And when you want to book your meal in advance, you will be asked from the menu of Sky Cafe, where you can choose from the list on the company’s website, contact the services offices of the company, or visit the company’s branch of the reservation or through the offices of our known agents. You will enjoy the special menu, especially on long trips

Among the prohibitions within the Arab Airlines, it is forbidden to use alcoholic beverages inside its aircraft