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Important information about flynas

Founded in 2007, flynas started as a new competitor in the airline industry from its headquarters in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Each week, more than 1,000 of its aircraft fly to more than 26 destinations within Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and outside. “Flynas” is at the top of the list of low-cost airlines and aims to provide high quality travel at a reasonable cost.

Flynas – very important information to know

Flynas offers a range of luxurious services to its customers, including:

The possibility to amend or cancel the flight ticket within 3 hours before departure for the business class.

The possibility to amend or cancel the flight ticket within 12 hours before departure for the Economy Class.

Purchase gifts and perfumes chosen during the trip.

Entry is free for VIP lounges.

Two hours grace period to cancel your ticket without any fine.

Special services for pregnant women, infants and mothers traveling with their children.

Wheelchair access for passengers with special needs.

Class of travel on flynas
economy class:

Passengers of this class can enter the executive halls at the airport by paying a certain fee, and pre-order meals on the plane during the completion of their reservation procedures or after completing the reservation 24 hours before the departure time, in addition to the possibility of direct request for meals and cold and hot drinks from the hospitality crew during the journey.

business class:

Besides having comfortable 48-inch leather seats, passengers of this class have special features, such as the ability to change the flight date 3 hours before departure without paying any additional fees, free entry to the executive halls, as well as free meals on board.

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New travel classes on flynas tickets

Flynas launches a new class of economy class travel in order to meet the needs of travelers and to offer more travel options that suit their desires and travel needs. Now with flynas you can choose one of three categories within the economy class, which are “Light, Plus, and Premium” “.

Below are the new airfare for flynas:
First: Light

This class guarantees the traveler the lowest available rate and as much as he needs.

Second: Plus

Travel Class Plus allows the traveler who needs additional services such as choosing a seat or cargo luggage, the opportunity to choose the seat that is suitable for him free of charge within specific seats with a cargo bag.

Third: Premium

Premium class is characterized by high flexibility that allows the provision of many options, this degree provides the traveler with the choice of any seat for free, including distinctive seats, also gives him more comfort and flexibility by allowing an increase in the allowable weight of bags, and a snack, and can change the reservation without changing fees , While calculating the price difference in the flight, if any. It is worth noting that the booking of flynas is available from April 03 on all flynas flights in domestic destinations, and international flights except some destinations are Cairo, Khartoum, Baghdad, Islamabad, Lahore, Kano, Algeria.

Entertainment services on “flynas” aircraft includes a variety of:

Freedom to choose seats in advance.

Soft leather seats.

Free delicious meals, snacks and refreshing drinks.

Check in online.

Luxury facilities on board.

Providing comfortable seats with ample legroom.

Baggage policy when booking on flynas
Economy class: Passengers of this class are able to charge one bag with dimensions: 75 * 50 * 33 cm and a weight of no more than 20 kg on domestic and international flights, and 30 kg on flights to and from Cairo only, and it is allowed to carry a handbag with dimensions: 56 * 36 * 23 cm with a weight not exceeding 7 kilograms, in addition to a laptop bag whose dimensions do not exceed 36 cm, and a transfer fee of 100 Saudi riyals is imposed on any unusual piece or dimensions of more than 158 cm.
Business class: Passengers with this class are able to charge two bags registered in dimensions: 75 * 50 * 33 cm and a weight of no more than 25 kg per bag on domestic and international flights, while allowing carrying a handbag of dimensions: 56 * 36 * 23 cm and a weight not exceeding 7 Kilograms, plus a laptop bag whose dimensions do not exceed 36 cm. A transfer fee of 100 SAR will be imposed on any items unusual or more than 158 cm in size.

Those who wish to carry extra luggage can purchase additional weights at a 50% lower cost while completing the reservation process through the flynas website.

Food and Drink on Flynas

Economy Class passengers on “flynas” aircraft can choose from a range of snacks, drinks and more. You can simply relax and enjoy the selection of meals and drinks on the comprehensive food and beverage menu for a small fee.

You can enjoy fresh snacks, sandwiches, and hot and cold drinks, including expensive “Starbucks” coffee on board.

The new menu for “fly people” also includes premium chocolate, hot noodles, juices, cold drinks and energy drinks.

Passengers are allowed to bring their own snacks and drinks on board. Please note that food cannot be reheated, and the weight of these meals will be calculated within the permitted weight of the cabin, which is 7 kg.