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The most important information related to Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines is an Emirati national airline, located in Dubai International Airport in the Emirate of Dubai. The company was established in 1985 and is owned by the Dubai government. Its aircraft fly to more than 150 destinations worldwide, which include 6 continents of the world. The company has a fleet of the latest models, containing more than 230 aircraft. Emirates is the largest operator of Airbus A380 and Boeing 777. To provide quality services, Emirates has won many local and international awards. Emirates Airlines customer service was provided to provide 24/7 social media support in both Arabic and English in 2015.

Emirates Airlines features:

Emirates Airlines works to achieve the convenience and welfare of customers, so it works to continuously improve and develop the service.
It also makes it easier for passengers to complete the travel procedures through its website
Emirates Airlines owns the youngest flying fleets in the world and maintains them periodically to achieve the highest level of safety and safety for passengers.
The company provides a website that allows passengers to view all the details of their trips, inquire about them, track them and control them easily and conveniently through the internet.
Emirates offers passengers on all travel classes a range of delicious foods and refreshing drinks for free during the flight
Economy Class passengers can choose their seats for free 48 hours before the flight date during the completion of travel procedures, and passengers of the other classes can choose the preferred seat at any time
Emirates is the largest carrier in the Middle East. It is a co-member of the “Star Alliance” network, the largest airline alliance in the world
Emirates is safe and reasonably priced, and it tops the list of best airlines and has many valuable rewards for the quality of services provided on board its aircraft.

Onboard services:
Emirates Airlines offers the highest possible level of comfort and luxury for those traveling on the plane during the flight, so it provides them with a wide range of services, including:

the food


the shopping


Passengers on all classes of Emirates Airlines travel can enjoy eating the most exceptional dishes from the destination’s country kitchen, cooked by the most skilled international chefs. Healthy foods free from saturated and trans fats are available for dieters. Children’s special foods are served with their most delicious flavors in colorful dishes to delight their faces. Passengers can also enjoy refreshing drinks to reach their destination in full vitality.

With the award-winning Ice Ice entertainment system, the best in-flight entertainment system for twelve years in a row, Emirates Airlines freelancers can enjoy over 3,500 monthly updated channels for movies, sports, games, audiobooks, music, TV shows and live events in multiple languages ​​on screens Comfortable to the eye. This system takes into account persons with visual or auditory disabilities, providing them with an audio or written explanation.

Shopping is no longer restricted to land. With Emirates Airlines, passengers can enjoy shopping and purchasing the products of the best international brands and some exclusive products for Emirates in Sky High, the duty-free duty free it provides on its plane.

Wireless internet service: Passengers registered with the Skywards program can enjoy 20MB of free wireless Internet surfing to browse social networks and more. Also, some types of memberships in the program can get unlimited wireless internet throughout the trip.

Mobile phone: Passengers can use the phone next to their seat to make phone calls, send text messages with family and friends or with other passengers on the plane.

Electricity sockets: Each passenger has an electrical outlet through which the mobile phone or laptop can be charged easily.

Class of travel on Emirates Airlines:

economy class

first degree

business class

Comfortable and spacious legs to stretch
 Emirates eco-friendly blankets for a comfortable sleep
✓ Collection of delicious dishes for the destination country
✓ A group of the best hot and cold drinks
✓ Entertainment and games for children
Ice The Ice Entertainment System, which includes 3,500 channels for movies, TV shows and games
 Free wireless internet
 Electric socket to charge devices

Leather Seats Convertible into Deep Sleeper Beds
✓ One of the latest entertainment systems, which won the award for best entertainment system in the air
✓ Compartment with special doors for more privacy
✓ Lighting and air-condition control
 Free car driver service
✓ Delicious food served on luxury Royal Dolotone dishes
✓ Luxury toiletries by Bvlgari
 Custom waiting halls in some airports
Air lounge to talk with businessmen in the air

✓ Ultra luxurious convertible seats into ultra stylish beds
23 HD TV with 23 inch screen
✓ The best entertainment system in the air, with more than 3,500 channels
✓ Delicious dishes from the local ingredients of the destination country cooked by the most experienced chefs
Refreshing hot and cold drinks
Free skin care kits from Bulgarian
 Free airport shuttle service
 Side table to demonstrate your laptop or business

Emirates Airlines Baggage Policy:

The permissible weights policy for Emirates Airlines mainly depends on the class of travel enjoyed by the passenger, and varies from one class to another as shown below

Economy Class:

Economy class passengers are allowed to take a hand bag of no more than 7 kilograms, and they are allowed a free weight of 40 kilograms per person, which is according to the type of tourist class price

First class: First class passengers are allowed to carry a hand bag of no more than 7 kilograms, and they are allowed a free weight of no more than 50 kilograms.

Business class: Passengers of this class can carry two bags of each one with a maximum weight of 7 kilograms, and they can carry a free weight of no more than 40 kilograms.

Baggage policy may change from time to time and may vary depending on the itinerary and passenger category of Skywards

In accordance with the permitted baggage policy on Emirates Airlines, the following items are not permitted:

Alcoholic drinks
Backpack used to save from avalanches.
Military ammunition.
Batteries or their spare parts.
Electronic cigarettes.
Small and non-flammable gas cartridges.
Hair curler that contains hydrocarbon gas.

The most important destinations of Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines provides flights to more than 150 destinations in 80 countries and also shares its symbol with about 22 other airlines, including flydubai and Qantas Airways, to facilitate its passenger access to more destinations.

Summary of customer reviews:

Emirates Airlines has obtained a rating of four and a half points out of five points for the evaluation and reservation of flights by about 43 thousand travelers who previously traveled on Emirates Airlines

Check in

Emirates Airlines provides its customers with the service of completing travel procedures via the Internet through its website in order to save time and effort, and the service enables them to receive flight ticks by phone or email.

Passengers must complete the travel procedures 48 hours before 90 minutes before the departure of the flight. They must also arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before the flight departure time, and pass through the security inspection gates 60 minutes before and finally boarding the plane 45 minutes before the appointment

Steps to get online with Emirates Airlines:

Step 1: Enter your name or any of the ID numbers that can be your Emirates flight reservation number or reservation review number.

The second step: choose the number of passengers you want to complete the travel procedures for.

Step Three: Choose seats for all reservations booked in the space designated for the reservation number or Emirates Airline reservation reference.

Step Four: Print the boarding pass and this is how the travel procedures on Emirates Airlines are completed online and to complete the travel procedures at the airport, the traveler must arrive at the airport 90 minutes before the flight departure time. Check-in desks in the Emirates begin check-in 60 minutes before the flight leaves.